Society Rules


The Title of the Society shall be ” The Society of Durham Golf Captains”.



Membership is confined to the following:

  1. Captains and Ex-Captains of a recognised Golf Club in the former geographical County of Durham
  2. Ex Captains of clubs outside the former geographical County of Durham who are members of a recognised Golf Club affiliated to the Durham County Golf Union
  3. The Captain and Ex-Captains of the Durham County Golf Union
  4. Such persons as the Society, on the recommendation of the Committee at an Annual Meeting may elect to be Honorary Members



  1. To do all such things as should, in the opinion of the Committee of the Society, be done in the best interests of the Golf Clubs in the County of Durham and the game of golf.
  2. To organise and control Competitions open to members of the Society.
  3. To keep all records of the Society’s Competitions and arrange for the safe custody of trophies.
  4. To arrange an Annual Dinner for members of the Society.



The Annual Meeting and the Annual Dinner of the Society shall be held on such dates and at such places as shall decided by the Committee.



The Society shall at the Annual Meeting appoint from the members a Captain who shall be Chairman of the Society and the Committee for the ensuing year.



The Society shall at the Annual Meeting appoint a Secretary/Treasurer and Auditor, both of whom shall remain in Office at the pleasure of the Society.



  1. The Management of the Society shall be vested in a Committee consisting of the President of the Durham County Golf Union, the Society Captain, Vice-Captain, Immediate Past Society Captain and Secretary/Treasurer, who shall be ex-officio members of the Committee.
  2. In addition six other members of the Society shall be members of the Committee, two of the members shall retire every year but shall be eligible for re-election. All elections of members to the Committee shall be made at the Annual Meeting.
  3. A nomination for election to the Committee shall be notified to the Secretary in writing, by the proposer and the seconder with the consent of the nominee at least seven days prior to the date of each Annual General Meeting and where no nomination is received within that period the Committee shall make the nomination.
  4. The Honorary Life Members can be invited to the Committee meetings but they do not have a vote.
  5. The Committee shall have the power to make such additional Rules & Regulations as they may deem advisable for the benefit of the Society subject to approval at the next Annual Meeting.



  1. The Annual subscription shall be such sum as shall be fixed by the Committee and approved at the Annual General Meeting and shall be payable on the 1st. January in each year.
  2. Any member in arrears of more than one year’s subscription shall cease to be a member of the Society, but maybe re-instated at the discretion of the Committee.
  3. No member in arrears may compete in any match or competition or vote at any meeting.
  4. Any member wishing to resign from the Society shall give notice of his intention to do so in writing, on or before 31st December in any year, or, he shall be liable to pay his subscription for the ensuing financial year.


9. Active and Inactive Handicaps

  1. All competition winners will be asked to provide an Active Handicap Certificate in all future competitions.
  2. All members are allowed to enter a competition. However, should any member have an Inactive Handicap, he should inform the Secretary when registering for any competition.


10. Competition Entries

  1. The Committee have the right to refuse entry to any of its competitions from any person who has brought Durham County Golf Union, his Club, this Society or the game into disrepute.