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County Members

County Membership Scheme

This scheme invites current members of golf clubs affiliated to the Durham County Golf Union, to become a ‘County Member’ for only £4.00 per year by Standing Order, or a Life Member for £40 by cheque.

If a ‘County Member’ ceases to be a member of a DCGU affiliated club, his membership of the scheme becomes suspended.

N.B – Please note that the County Membership Scheme is an optional benefit of being a member of an DCGU affiliated club. It has nothing to do with the mandatory affiliation fee that every golfer in the Country pays to their County and the National Governing Body via their club membership subscriptions.

County Members Competitions

Additionally, all County Members in good standing shall, at the discretion of the County Members Committee, be entitled to compete in any competition or seasonal meeting arranged for County Members, on payment of the appropriate fee.

There are six County Members meetings per year which include four pairs betterball competitions and two salvers which are singles events. All are stableford events with appropriate handicap allowances given for each competition format.

Places at these events are much sought after and sell out very quickly, so County Members are advised to enter early using the Golf Genius platform or risk disappointment.

As well as prize vouchers being presented to competition winners and those in the top places (number dependent on size of entry) the winners of of the Spring and Autumn Salvers will be presented with a Salver which is kept on display at their home club until the following year.

DCGU Merchandise

Golfers can buy DCGU branded merchandise as reduced prices as a benefit of being a current County Member. Please see the  Merchandise page which shows the reduce price paid by County members. Some merchandise should also be available for sale at County members Competitions but it is best to order via the County Secretary in advance.


County membership is obtained by the completion of an County Members Application Form which should be returned to the County Secretary. Please ensure that the standing order instruction at the bottom of the form is fully completed for the purpose of annual payment.

Special County Members ties are also available for a subsidised cost of only £7.99 and can be ordered directly from the County Secretary. The County Secretaries contact details can be found at the top of the home page.

Please note that membership of the County Member scheme does NOT confer attendance or voting rights at any meeting of the Union. All memberships are regularly reviewed, and the committee reserves the right to revoke or deny membership without explanation.

List of Members

The following list shows the affiliated club members in County Durham that are currently paid up members of the DCGU County Membership Scheme.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the County Member to inform the County Secretary of any change of Club or Postal Address otherwise they could be removed from membership database and the mailing list.

* denotes Life Membership.

For more information on becoming a County Member and what benefits Membership offers, please go to the main County Membership page.


P.Bailey*, R.M.Henderson, S.W.Icke*, A.Mawer*, N.Mawer*, D.Moses*, E.Rowlinson*, G.Thomas*.


T.Bates*, D.J.Belgian*, S.Boll, J.D.Bowmaker, N.R.Bunn*, D.Butler, P.A.Calland, T.Calland, H.G.Cattell*, G.Cushlow*, D.Docherty*, T.Errington*, J.Ferris*, J.N.Flint, A.Forster*, R.Foster*, C.W.Galbraith*, R.Gallimore*, D.J.Gardner, D.Gresley-Grey*, A.Harrison*, T.Hedley*, P.A.Herring*, R.A.Hewitt*, L.L.Hones*, M.Hope*, N.M.Hull, L.Hull, R.Hunter*, W.G.Innes, R.M.Irvine*, M.Johnson*, J.M.Johnstone*, K.Jones*, J.T.Kelly*, D.A.Kent*, D.Killkenny, D.Lake, J.Lister*, B.Loughlin, D.J.Lowe*, R.Martin*, D.A.McCartney*, J.McKernan, P.McTiernan*, C.Mottershead*, B.Nicholson*, J.Owers*, B.Pearson, R,Ranson, P.Reay*, S.Reay*, B.E.Richardson*, W.Richardson, R.Robinson*, J.Russell, J.Sanderson*, A.C.Scott*, J.W.Scott, I.Siddle, , B.Skaife, A.Stewart, G.A.Stewart*, B.T.Storey, J.Stothert*, P.J.Stubbs*, A.Teixido*, I.H.Telfer*, H.Thomason*, N.J.Thornbury*, I.Turner*, A.Watson, G.L.Watts, B.Wilson, A.Younger*.


A.Auton, J.Ayre*, V.Bankhurst, G.Brocklesby, M.W.Buckley*, F.Butterworth, S.Cartwright*, P.Coffey*, A.Collict, L.Collins,  J.T.Conlon*, M.Crilly*, C.Davison*, P.Earl*, A.Everton, J.Flannigan*, L.Gaston, I.Goulding, D.Hall*, E.Hope, G.K.Hunter*, I.R.Hunter*, J.Hurst, R.Kirton, D.W.McCue*, D.McNeill*, R.W.Moore, R.G.Parry, A.Peacock*, I.W.Rand, R.S.Smith*, A.Spence B.E.M., N.Stuart, K.Symington, N.Tait, A.Taylor, J.R.Thwaites, S.A.Toth*, C.Walker, C.Watson*, D.S.Wesson*, D.Wilson*, J.Winning*, P.Wray*, D.P.Wrench, D.Wright*,


J.A.Ash*, B.Blinkhorn*, B.L.Cleugh*, C.R.Coxon, K.Grapes*, B.Longstaff, G.Summerbell*, K.Thomas*,


C.L.Bowes*, D.Collinson, W.R.Conway*, D.J.Davidson, R.L.Davis(AVM)*, J.W.Davison*, D.Dent*, M.Dent*, D.Dixon*, M.E.Dodd*, R.Dunkley, M.G.Ellis*, J.Fletcher*, S.Forster, A.Gardiner, I.Goldsborough*, M.Grayson*, Dr.A.Hetherinton, D.H.Hinge, M.Horn, G.Johnson*, J.E.Johnson*, W.R.Johnson*, P.King*, J.R.Longstaff, L.Maddison, T.Martin*, M.Matthews, R.McCorrnack*, M.Paley*, C.Pope*, A.W.Porter*, M.G.Price*, F.M.Rea*, M.L.Ritson*, R.Sanderson*, D.Sawyers, K.Simpson*, R.Simpson*, N.Spence*, G.Stephenson, A.M.Thompson*, I.Thomson*,M.Wade*, P.J.Waites*, F.A.Waterhouse*, P.J.Wilson


A.Biglin, K.E.Binns*, K.Blewitt*, J.Campbell, A.Chapman, K.Chapman, A.J.Cook, I.G.Davie*, P.R.Davies, C.B.Dawson*, R.S.Duncan*, M.Dunstone, A.Foy*, R.P.Gent, S.Gilbert, A.K.Green, M.Hall*, M.Hallworth*, S.M.Haymer*, G.Hird*, D.Hughes*, J.R.Iley*, W.Jackson*, A.Jeff,  K.Johnson*, D.W.Lamb*, J.Mackenzie*, C.Martin*, D.Martin*, M.Mason*, S.R.McKay*, S.Newnham, G.Parsons*, K.Peacock*, K.Reed*, S.Robertson, I.Sanderson, H.H.Sutton*, J.Watling*, S.B.Woodward*, A.N.Wright*.


G.J.Aitken*, G.T.Atkinson*, A.Beer, W.Baty, M.D.Boyes*, A.I.Bremner*, D.Brien, G.R.Brown*, C.Cain, M.I.Campbell*, D.Collins*, J.Crammon*, J.Emmerson, A.D.Gill*, I.G.Hailes*, T.Haines*, J.Harn, J.R.Hawyes*, S.Hibbitt, J.Howard, D.Hutchinson, M.Jackson*, M.Jenkins, J.Johnston*, K.Johnson*, D.W.Ling*, J.A.Lipscombe, I.C.Mason*, R.A.McAllister*, T.McAllister*, A.McFarlane*, J.McGill, B.McLachlan*, I.R.Metcalfe*, A.Mills, K.J.Mordey*, F.Palmer*, I.Porteous, D.Porter, T.J.Preston*, R.Purvis*, N.Richardson*, G.R.Simpson*, C.N.Too-Chung*, P.Turnbull, A.Watkinson, E.Weddle*, C.Young*.


D.Allan, E.Aylesbury, T.W.Bainbridge*, J.E.Birch*, D.Bones*, S.T.Bonsall*, M.Brown, J.K.Budd, D.Bunn, D.Clarke*, R.W.Cormack*, K.Cresswell, A.Crisp*, A.Gray, J.Hunter*, C.Hutchinson, K.J.Kelly, P.Lowes, G.Parnaby*, G.Robinson*, N.Rodman, W.Sanders, G.M.Sheldon, R.B.Stone*,  P.Tiffin, L.J.Watson,  J.Wayper*, D.Williams*, D.Younger*.


B.Adams*, D.Allen, D.M.Allen*, C.Anderson, D.J.Arkwright*, S.Arkwright*, M.Ayre, R.Bainbridge*, P.Barclay*, C.Bentham*, J.Bownas*, W.L.Brennan*, A.Brown, P.G.Bryden*, M.Campbell, D.Chaytor, M.Clucas, A.Coils*, K.Coils, G.M.Crawford*, D.T.Curry*, A.D.Curtis, J.Cushlow*, N.Cutler*, R.Darby*, D.Dixon*, J.Dowson, G.Dunn, A.Featonby*, P.S.Forster*,R.Glendinning*, D.Grant*, K.Hadfield*, I.T.Harbord*, P.Harbord*, F.R.Hardy*, A.S.Hawkes, G.Herron, N.Hetherington*, A.D.Howard, B.S.Johnson*, J.D.Johnson, R.Johnson*, T.Liddle*, D.Livingston, P.Longworth, B.J.Magee*, M.Magee*, A.Martin*, D.McGlen*,P.Milton*, Dr.C.L.Muwanga*, E.Nevens*, P.J.Neven*, D.Newton*, R.Nicholson*, D.G.Olaman*, M.Oliver, G.S.Pearson, G.Peel*, P.Phillips, J.Potts, R.C.Pratt*, G.Ramshaw, J.Reddington, M.Richardson*, J.Riddell*, A.Robins*, C.Robins*, A.Shell, M.Smith, P.Swan, J.E.Taylor, A.Thompson*, B.Wain, S.J.Watkin*, T.White*, R.Wilson*, K.Wright*.


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