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The DCGU uses its website and social media platforms to share news, promote events and schemes, and encourages both clubs and golfers to interact with these posts in order to promote golf within the County.

When using social media, video sharing platforms and blogs at any time, both golfers and County officials/volunteers must not:

  • Conduct themselves in any manner which is or may be detrimental to the Union, or any member club, or which brings or may bring the Union into disrepute. 
  • Allow their interaction on such media platforms to damage relationships between golfers, clubs, Union officials clubs, or the Union. 
  • Make derogatory, offensive, discriminatory, or defamatory comments or remarks about another person or organisation including but not limited to, a golfer, golf club, DCGU employee or volunteer, the National Governing Body. 
  • Make any comments about any individual which may constitute bullying, or unlawful discrimination or harassment, contrary to The Equality Act 2010. 
  • Disclose any trade secrets or other sensitive or confidential information relating to the Union a member club or the National Governing Body, which could be harmful to the success, reputation or well-being of those organisations. 
  • Breach any copyright or any other proprietary interest belonging to the Union or any member club or associated organisations, including logos and images.


Any perceived breach of this policy should be reported immediately to the DCGU County Secretary

Email: Phone: 0191 3740788 / 07788 375415.

Any individual who is suspected to be in breach of these rules may face disciplinary action from the Union`s Disciplinary Committee. If found to be in breach thereof, sanctions may be imposed including, but not limited to; 

  • Being reported to a player’s home club.
  • Being reported to the National Governing Body.
  • Having their WHS number withdrawn.
  • Being barred from DCGU social media platforms.
  • In the case of being a DCGU employee, official or volunteer, face disciplinary action.
  • Being reported to the Police or relevant authority.


Adopted on 18th January 2021

Download this policy HERE

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