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The following General Terms of Competition, together with any additions or amendments published by the Durham County Golf Union at each event, will apply to all Championships run by the DCGU. The word ‘Championships’ includes all DCGU events e.g., ‘Tournaments’, ‘Matches’, ‘Finals’ and ‘Competitions’.


All entrants accepted into DCGU events must be of Amateur status as defined by the R&A Rules of Amateur Status, a playing/affiliated member of a club in the Union or must have been born in the County of Durham and be a member of an affiliated club in another county, and have a current WHS Handicap Index.

Entries should be made either online via the DCGU website or by post using the generic entry form which can be downloaded at the webpage for each event.

Entries for County Members Competitions should currently be made by returning the entry form in the County Handbook to ensure a first come first entered, policy is observed.

Players may only enter one DCGU event on any given day.

No entry for any event is confirmed until the appropriate entry fee has been received by the DCGU Secretary. If payment has not been made by the closing date for each event, the incomplete entry will be removed, and the player will not be entered into the draw.

It is the responsibility of each player to ensure his/her name appears on the online list of entrants once the entry has been made, which confirms that the entry has been received.

Entry fees are not transferrable between players once they have been paid and the draw for the event entered has been made.

Once entered, entry fees for DCGU events will not be refunded unless a player withdraws before the published closing date for that event. Requests for refunds in exceptional circumstances, must be submitted in writing to the County Secretary for consideration or approval.

If an event is abandoned or postponed due to reasons outside of the DCGU's control, no entry fee will be refunded if the event is rescheduled for a comparable date. In these circumstances, a player may however ask for the entry fee to be carried over to a future DCGU event.

In the event of a golfer being balloted out of an event that he/she entered, or if he/she becomes ineligible by age or handicap come the closing date, the DCGU will issue a refund via the same method of payment made by the entrant.

Entries made after the closing date for an event are accepted at the County Secretary’s discretion, and only if there are spaces in the published draw.

Entries for club team events may only be made by a recognised representative, i.e., Secretary or Captain, of a club in the Union and not by individuals wishing to represent their club without knowledge and permission of the club. Team entries must be made on the official entry form and include the appropriate entry fee.



Once made, the draw for each event will be circulated to all entrants via email and displayed on the DCGU website. It is the responsibility of each player to ensure that he is aware of his start time for each round of an event.

There may be occasions when a draw needs to be amended due to unforeseen circumstances outside of the control of the DCGU. Any amendments shall be circulated via email and displayed on the DCGU website. Players are advised to check the website the night before the event to ensure their time has not changed.

Whilst a seeded draw is made for some Championships, players may submit a request for an approximate start time for others, which must be received by the County Secretary no later than the published closing date. The webpage for each of these events will include a message inviting entrants to make a request of this nature.

Players may not request to be paired with a specific other player and the County Secretaries decision is final in relation to the draw once published.



All players must play with equipment which is shown on the R&A list of Conforming Clubs and Balls (Rule 4.1a & 4.2a). An up-to-date list can be found at

The penalty for making a stroke with equipment in breach of this rule is Disqualification.

Players must adhere to Rule 4.3a which prohibits the use of any distance measuring device designed to also gauge/measure any other condition (gradient, wind speed, temperature) which may affect his play,               unless this function can be visibly disabled. The penalty for breach of rule is disqualification.



By entering a DCGU event the player agrees to the DCGU Code of Conduct Policy that will be strictly enforced. Please ensure you obtain a copy of the Code of Conduct Policy available at the website and read it carefully before playing.



In all DCGU events except County Members Competitions, during a round, players must walk at all times and not ride on any form of motorised transportation except as authorised or later approved by the Committee.

A player who will play, or has played, under penalty of stroke and distance under Rule 18 is authorised to ride on motorized transportation to aid pace of play.

Penalty for breach: General Penalty for each hole during which there is a breach. A breach between two holes applies to the next hole.

All requests for medical exemption should be made in advance to the County Secretary and be accompanied by a medical certificate or other proof of need. If granted, buggies must be booked with the host club by the competitor.

The DCGU has no responsibility to ensure that sufficient buggies are available to any competitor who needs to use one. Competitors who own their own buggy must seek permission from the host club in advance of the event and provide proof of adequate insurance should it be requested.

Buggies are permitted in County Members Competitions without permission, however the above conditions relating to booking buggies, owned buggies, venue permission and appropriate insurance still apply.



Unless entrants are informed in advance of a particular event, caddies are permitted in DCGU events but must be declared at registration. Other than a caddy, no other person may give advice to a competitor on the course, other than in club team events when a nominated team captain may do so.

Spectators are permitted in DCGU events and may ball spot to aid the pace of play.

In Under 18 events, only caddies who are also under 18 are permitted to act as caddies. Parents and supporters of any competitor are not permitted to give any advice on the course and must remain 50 yards from play. Penalty for breach: 2 strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred. Max penalty per round: 4 strokes.


PACE OF PLAY (Rule 5.6)

To aid the smooth running of DCGU events and ensure enjoyment for all competitors, a pace of play policy will be in force which sets out what is expected of players during their round and any penalties that they can expect if they breach the conditions set out within them. The DCGU pace of Play Policy can be found at the Competitions page of the website.



The following signals will be used to suspend and resume play:

      - Immediate stop for imminent danger - one prolonged note of a siren

      - Stop for a non-dangerous situation - three consecutive notes of a siren

      - Resumption of play - two consecutive notes of a siren


Penalty for breach of Local Rule: Disqualification (See Rule 5.7b and 5.7c).

Note: When play is stopped for imminent danger, all practice areas will be immediately closed.



A player’s score is deemed officially returned when the player has verified his score and left the recording office/area determined by the Committee.

It is up to each player to ensure that his/her name, handicap index and course handicap are all clearly visible on the scorecard which has been signed by the verifying player, before returning it to the recording area.



Match Play - The result of a match is officially announced when it has been recorded in the Championship Office.

Stroke Play - When the Championship trophy is presented to the winner, the results of the competition are officially announced, and the competition is closed.



All trophies presented at DCGU events remain the property of the DCGU and should be returned to the County Secretary at least one month before being presented at the following season's event.

Whilst in the possession of the winner, the trophy is only covered under the DCGU's insurance if it is stored securely and its where abouts informed to the County Secretary. It is the responsibility of the holder to ensure it is returned in the condition that it was presented.

Glassware presented at County events are for the winners to keep, to commemorate their achievement.

Prize vouchers may be redeemed at any Club Pro shop but must be done so and redeemed by the retailer no later than 6 months from the date of issue. Vouchers returned to the Treasurer for reimbursement after 6 months may not be honoured.

There may be occasions when the above terms need to be amended for a given event due to unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19. In this event all competitors shall be informed in advance of the start of play.

Should any player wish to have any of the above rules/term clarified, they can contact the County Secretary at or on 07444 906028 for assistance.


Last updated on 3rd April 2022.

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