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Important Notice: Whilst all clubs have stocks of the New County Card, it will be up to each individual club as to when they feel it is safe and appropriate to issue them to members.


At a time when many clubs are also prioritising members since reopening,  it will also be up to each participating club as to when they decide to start accepting visits from county card holders.


To see a list of participating clubs within Durham and each County around England, CLICK HERE






County Card Scheme – BIG CHANGE FOR 2020!


From April 2020 the current County Seniors Card, English County Card and County Members Privilege Scheme will cease to operate as separate schemes and instead all will be brought together to form one new County Card which ALL playing members of clubs in the Durham Union (and Ladies Association) will be eligible for, as a benefit of affiliation.


The County Members Scheme will remain, with participating club members all continuing to receive their County Handbook each year, however the privilege scheme usually found inside the front cover has been removed. County Members will still receive this green fee benefit with the new County Card which will be free to all.


This means that there will be no charge for the card other than the affiliation fee that every golfer already pays as part of their annual club subscription and even members of Durham clubs who do not wish to participate in the scheme will still be eligible.


The card can be obtained from a golfers’ home club each year and be valid at over 1200 clubs throughout Durham and England where a discounted green fee will be offered. Participating clubs will decide on the County Card green fee they will offer (typically members guest rate) and any restrictions for use, which will be available to view from the DCGU website.


It is hoped that the new card will add value to being a club member in Durham by enabling all club members, whether they are male, female, junior or senior, to explore the other courses of the County and beyond at a reduced rate, which will contribute to both the  health and wealth of our clubs.


Further information on the new card will be available on this page once clubs have received their supply of cards, but hopefully the below information will answer any questions that clubs and golfers have:


New County Card Scheme - Frequently asked Questions.


Q. What is the main reason for introducing a new card?

A. - To ensure the scheme represents value to ALL clubs, affiliated members and the County bodies.

     - To make the scheme easy to understand, administer and promote.

     - To ensure equality across all gender and age of club member.

     - To reward club members and encourage clubs to reduce discounts available to pay and play golfers.


Q. Does my club have to participate?

A. If a club does not wish to give any discount to card holders as part of the national scheme, that is their decision,  

    however by being an affiliated club, your members will still be eligible for a new County Card.


    This would however mean that your club will not benefit from the opportunity to increase its green fee revenue    

    by making the most of under used times which are not popular with members or full paying visitors.


Q. How much will the card cost?

A. It currently costs golfers (who are eligible for all current schemes), £27 per year to obtain all benefits of them all, where   

    as the new card will be available to all club members at no cost other than an additional £1.00 increase in the   

    annual County affiliation fee (£6.00 in 2020) that members already pay via their club with their club membership fees.


Q. Who is eligible for a card?

A. All members of affiliated clubs to include male, female and all ages would be eligible for a County Card. Not

    included would be social members or any other category of non playing membership for which an affiliation fee not paid.


Q. What green fee will the card holders pay?

A. Each individual club will have the opportunity to decide on its own county card green fee however it is hoped

    that it would be around members guest rate and therefore in line with other participating counties across

    England. This way the fee is likely to reflect the size of the club rather than all clubs being forced to offer a low set green

    fee (as with current schemes) and therefore not good business for the larger clubs.


Q. Can a club promote a different County Card green fee rate for weekdays/weekends & Summer/Winter.

A. Yes, every club can vary the rate depending on day/season although it is hoped that there won’t be too many

    variables or frequent changes which may confuse golfers.


Q. Will there be any restrictions for use of the cards?

A. A club may also decide its own restrictions for use with regards to the number of card holders accepted each day or week, 

    or by restricting the days or times that card holders will be accepted. It is therefore up to the club to find the right balance

    between green fee offered and restrictions for use to make the scheme most valuable for them.


Q. Where can the card be used?

A. The card can be used at all clubs in Durham offering a County Card rate along with out side Durham, at every participating

    club across England. 


Q. How will members obtain card?

A. From 1st April 2020 cards will be available from a golfers home club and be valid from the date of issue until the date on

    which their next club subscription fee is due. 


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