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Durham County golf and the coaching committee are the first County in England to offer junior golfers a full coaching curriculum, which is delivered by County coaches.  Sessions for invited junior golfers are held at various venues over several months within County Durham, each year.

The curriculum supports coaches and the teaching of the six objectives set out by England Golf (not in any order of priority).

  • ·       Putting
  • ·       Outstanding Short Game
  • ·       Precise Wedge Play
  • ·       Ball Flight Control
  • ·       Course Management
  • ·       Physically fit for golf

A seventh objective (fundamentals) has been added which is a Durham County objective.  Students are provided with a coaching handbook which is used by students and coaches as a way of determining what to learn, how you might learn it, and in what ways you can learn. 

This is a framework for students and coaches to support what to do, how to do it, when to do it and how to know if it has been achieved

Through independent practice, students have a chance to reinforce skills and consolidate their new knowledge by completing various tasks and challenges on their own and away from their coaches’ guidance.

Students will also be able to create a learning environment where they can develop new skills independently and be able to use digital technology such as the You Tube channel to support any learning and practice.

Durham County golf is keen to support players progress and improve their golfing skills so that as many players as possible have future opportunities to represent Durham County and England golf moving forward.


Further details of the Durham Talent Pathway can be obtained from Graeme Storm, County Coaching Chairman.   Email:

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