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County Members Autumn Singles (Wearside) Start Sheet

Wednesday 29th August 2012 Yellow Tees , Wearside Course

09:00Bill Stainsby (11) Durham City Golf ClubRay Bell (14) Durham City Golf ClubJohn Harn (9) South Shields Golf Club
09:10T Routledge (24) Beamish Park Golf ClubJohn Watmore (22) Heworth Golf Club (Durham) 
09:20B McGregor (9) Heworth Golf Club (Durham)Alan Harris (10) South Moor Golf ClubS J Carrick (16) Heworth Golf Club (Durham)
09:30A Bell (13) B Henderson (19) Heworth Golf Club (Durham) 
09:40Ian Marrs (12) Wearside Golf ClubJ Bownas (12) Handicap Master CD J Gardner (18) Beamish Park Golf Club
09:50Brian Kimmins (10) Ravensworth Golf Club W G Innes (23) Beamish Park Golf Club
10:00E Kirtley (14) Houghton-le-Spring Golf ClubD Evans (11) Houghton-le-Spring Golf ClubBobby Arthur (17) Seaham Golf Club
10:10Jeff Cudlip (13) Seaham Golf ClubSteven Bestford (11) Seaham Golf Club 
10:20J M Little (20) Chester-le-Street Golf ClubJ. B. Blinkhorn (20) Birtley Golf ClubJan Bostock (6) Ravensworth Golf Club
10:30Peter Neal (8) Seaham Golf ClubKevin R McCallum 1107 (13) Seaham Golf ClubDavid Self (9) Seaton Carew Golf Club
10:40Denis Kennedy (17) Chester-le-Street Golf ClubB Stone (9) Ravensworth Golf ClubR Bunn (21) Beamish Park Golf Club
10:50Michael Dent (9) Bishop Auckland Golf ClubMalcolm Willans (26) Knotty Hill Golf CentreTony Ormiston (14) Knotty Hill Golf Centre
11:00Gordon Cessford (18) Knotty Hill Golf CentreBarry Hawthorne (16) Durham City Golf ClubTerence Watson (9) Chester-le-Street Golf Club
11:10Brian Cartridge (14) Hetton-le-Hill Golf ClubWilliam Allen (12) Hetton-le-Hill Golf ClubD Mcpherson (21) Mount Oswald Golf Club
11:20Robert Doughty (16) Roseberry Grange Golf ClubWilliam Bilton (19) Roseberry Grange Golf Club 
11:30David James Anderson (14) Hartlepool Golf ClubAndrew Paul Rees (17) Hartlepool Golf ClubD Blackburn (13) Whitburn Golf Club
11:40Stephen Hall (18) Hartlepool Golf Club G B Jeffrey (17) Chester-le-Street Golf Club
11:50D Clarke (14) Brancepeth Castle Golf ClubM Hall (18) Eaglescliffe & District Golf ClubNeil Francis Briggs (17) Hartlepool Golf Club
12:00A Brown (15) Castle Eden Golf ClubA Shell (13) Castle Eden Golf ClubGary David Loader (7) Whitburn Golf Club
12:10 David Hunter (9) Wearside Golf ClubTony Lambert (9) Whickham Golf Club
12:20Terence Forth (12) Seaham Golf ClubColin Bentham (13) Seaham Golf ClubJohn Sinclair (18)
12:30  J.R Hawyes (14) Heworth Golf Club (Durham)
12:40John Henry Harvey (15) Hartlepool Golf ClubA Bell (10) Hartlepool Golf ClubMichael Smith (11) Whitburn Golf Club
12:50 John Quinn (12) Hartlepool Golf ClubKen Anscombe (11)
13:00G Sheperd (12) Heworth Golf Club (Durham)J A McQuade (12) Heworth Golf Club (Durham) 
13:10Colin Hughes (19) Whitburn Golf ClubGordon T Atkinson (12) Whitburn Golf ClubJ Turner (11) Heworth Golf Club (Durham)
13:20P Cowie (10) William Lawson (16) Seaham Golf ClubKeith Robertson (23) Whitburn Golf Club
13:30Mario Micallef (13) Hartlepool Golf ClubSteven Bayles (18) Seaham Golf ClubDavid Ashman (19) Whitburn Golf Club
13:40Michael Bowler (12) Whitburn Golf ClubJohn Cowell (13) Ramside Hotel & Golf ClubG Jenner (16)
13:50Mark Newton (13) Knotty Hill Golf CentrePat Turnbull (17) Boldon Golf ClubTommy Keithley (22) Ramside Hotel & Golf Club
14:00Alan Garden (17) Roseberry Grange Golf ClubJohn Dinning (17) Hetton-le-Hill Golf Club 
14:10G Tindle (15) George Washington Golf ClubB Christie (10) Heworth Golf Club (Durham) 
14:20Douglas Ellison (9) Consett & District Golf ClubMichael (S) Barron (23) Consett & District Golf ClubColin Thatcher (8) Whitburn Golf Club
14:30Brian Shotton (9) South Shields Golf ClubIan Nelson (20) South Shields Golf ClubM J Richardson (14) Heworth Golf Club (Durham)
14:40Colin Richardson (10) South Shields Golf ClubP Crookston (7) South Shields Golf ClubThomas F Taylor (14) Handicap Master C
14:50K Smith (8) T Davies (15) Heworth Golf Club (Durham)Alan Richardson (13) South Shields Golf Club
15:00B Woods (14) Heworth Golf Club (Durham)G S Dixon (18) Heworth Golf Club (Durham)Brian Williams (13) Ravensworth Golf Club

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